A product line for those who look for more


Kenovitamin® supplies novel solutions which can be applied in animal nutrition. From specialist mineral and vitamin supplements, products for young animals, complete and supplementing fodders, milking hygiene agents, to raw materials, both domestic and foreign. We are a worthy partner to our customers and contractors.

“Metabolizm” Line

A line of products which support major metabolic processes. This section contains products which support the function of the liver and the rumen.

Calves Line

A line of products which contains modern electrolytes, anti-diarrhoea formulas as well as mineral and vitamin additives.

Reproduction Line

A line of products which support the proper function of ovaries, they prepare cows for oestrus and the reproduction process and stimulate their sexual activity.

“Somatyka” Line

A line of products which reduce the number of somatic cells in milk. These are liquid formulas to be diluted with water.

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